poppy vox on new ink1 track - 'insider' Friday, September 26, 2003

hello people...

i was recently invited to contribute another vocal to ink1, the brainstorm of one mr peter dc
(who designed the  dreamfield official website ,  produced alive & designed the
artwork, for the last dreamfield cd release).

featuring different personalities from around the globe,
ink1 have been described as 'chill out or rage, with spoken vocs, that sort of thing' -
and i thought you may like to check out something a little different.

the vocal i came up with (off the top of my head, in the dark, with a large cigarette in hand)
has been featured on  'insider' - which is now available for listening to at :  ic-musicmedia ...

hope this message finds you all well & happy,
will keep you posted on any other related news.

love poppy xo


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October 15, 2003   10:04 AM PDT
hey ash ; )
thanks for listening
Ash Ferry
October 15, 2003   09:08 AM PDT
Hiya Amapola! You sound sweet and mystic with your spoken voice on Insider. Noice! Love, Ash
October 14, 2003   09:35 AM PDT
yes, maybe i did ha ha but brainstorm seemed to pop out ; )
October 13, 2003   08:01 PM PDT
pop - surely you mean "brainchild", although "brainstorm" is quite apt. hahaha
October 1, 2003   09:47 AM PDT
it is showing up now d.s. (url above)
- cool
amusing, well written & very ink1 !
September 27, 2003   12:58 PM PDT
hey pop. just listened to "insider." very cool indeed. amazing production. i posted a review, but i don't know if it showed up.

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