dreamfield - unreleased tracks - 'easy' Monday, September 08, 2003

this is one of my favourite dreamfield songs, as yet unreleased - 
listen to  this song  by clicking  here
hopefully, there may yet be an ep of previously unreleased dreamfield tracks,
as we have received some lovely emails asking where people can get the songs,
(especially this one & marianne) - we'll let you know here, if anything occours ; )
love poppy xo


you say it's easy to care
but it's much harder to be there.
and just as I think we understand,
you push it aside,
with a wave of your hand.

you say I'm easy,
lying awake whispered faintly
you say I'm easy to see...

sometimes it's easy to cry
but it's much harder to fight for.
and just when I start to feel alive,
the emptiness calls,
with a comforting sigh...

you say i'm easy
lying awake, whispered faintly
you say I'm easy to see...
and in that moment,
lying still hold it closely
'cause I know it's harder to be...
just you and me.

words are spoken
lost in space
i can't feel you in my place...

you say it's easy to care,
but it's much harder to be there...

(p.gonzalez/k.brown 2001)

poppy - vocals, piano, keyboards & programming,
greggo - space guitar,

willet, skinny, richard & keith - drums, bass, ebo & accoustic guit -
engineered by richard marr at galaxy park studios, allston, brighton, ma.
produced by poppy, mixed by poppy & richard .


October 8, 2004   12:15 PM PDT
apologies if the pic on this post keeps dissappearing, i have no idea why - something to do with the servers i suppose
Josh Gross
July 13, 2004   10:42 AM PDT
Wow, your songs are amazing. Extremely well done, and thought provoking. I thank you for making music, without out hearing your music I think I would be less of an individual. Thank you so much, and please continue making great music. (I have introduced you to all of my friends, and they all love your music also...cant wait to hear more!!) -Josh
October 15, 2003   09:02 AM PDT
very sad listening to the playlist again :(
there's a real sense of melancholy...what a loss

October 9, 2003   05:04 PM PDT
ok - i'm doing the 30 sec clip of this song today, so the full length versions online will be gone very soon...
October 6, 2003   10:04 AM PDT
ok mp3.com fixed now
October 5, 2003   09:48 AM PDT
mp3.com seem to have had a tech failing this weekend, so hopefully that song will be up for streaming again soon - sorry forany inconvenience.
September 26, 2003   05:46 AM PDT
09:57 am on September 24, 2003

d.s. - i have asked richard marr, and no, he is not related to jonny marr ; )
September 26, 2003   05:45 AM PDT
@ 11:46 pm on September 22, 2003

Are you folks still reading/accepting messages on the Dreamfield guestbook?

dino romelli
September 26, 2003   05:44 AM PDT
05:36 pm on September 16, 2003

Listening to "Easy". Safe to say that I LOVE dreamfield! You are a wonderful band!

September 26, 2003   05:43 AM PDT
04:44 pm on September 15, 2003

i looked atthe credits to "easy" (a great song, btw), and noticed "richard marr." any relation to johnny marr, perchance??

peter dc
September 26, 2003   05:42 AM PDT
01:31 pm on September 11, 2003
ough to be, mate
September 26, 2003   05:41 AM PDT
well, i am copying over the dreamfield archives from our old interactive page, so it doesn't mean all the comments were made today!

this is one of my favourite songs,
hopefully, we can get it out on ep at some point.

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