Entry: farewell dreamfield? Thursday, July 31, 2003

hi everyone

it is with huge regret that i have to tell you dreamfield will no longer be functioning as a 'band'.
over the past year or so, we have not produced enough work to keep the momentum going... for myself, and for the people that have supported us all along...
this is largely due to the fact that amy has been unavailable for band work creatively or promotionally due to various personal situations regarding family and very sadly the loss a close family member, and will now be returning to the u.s.a. (and there's no way the band can afford another transatlantic period)

also, the funding for finishing the album, has not materialised, and gregg and i feel that we cannot afford to record and organise the band to the standard we would like - (in fact, we are still paying off some debts still owed)...
that is to say, we wanted to record an accoustic instrument/drums & electronic mix, the nature of dreamfield music, requiring a decent mixing desk, often live drums in a decent studio, ...rather than just whip up a few programmed loops on the home pc...and the price of space and studio time for live rehearsal & recording here in the uk, is pretty steep, along with the cost of living!

gregg & i have been talking about the possibility that we may bring out a limited edition ep of the work we have already done, as we have received so many emails asking where people can buy certain songs, especially 'marianne' - it would seem such a waste of good work, if we didn't... so we will keep this page alive and keep you posted should we manage to get this together.

when we started this project, we had an original sound, which we worked hard for, i still feel that we do have our own sound, but there are alot of bands making music of a similar nature now... and i personally feel it is not as fresh sounding as it should be...that is to say, had we developed with label or financial backing, in time, i am sure we would we making some new and interesting music, but we are struggling to release tracks, which i still feel are good songs, but were written and recorded some time ago...creatively, this is more than frustrating!
the fact is, we should be on our 2nd album, not struggling to record the first!
- i am sure i speak for gregg here too -

also when we first started this band, we made a pledge that if it became too stressful, we would 'knock it on the head' - not being interested in 'pop stardom or world domination' ; ) - the original ambition was to make 'an album of quality, which we would be proud to put in the cd player' ... and as that does not seem to be happenning, and combined with the current trends in the public for free music, i don't really see the point in continuing- (edit - and yet that same public complains about the 'manufactured pop' that is thrown at them - while downloading the songs they like free from certain websites).

more frustratingly, we are still receiving kind and warm emails, offering us gigs etc and asking when the album is due out..and as you know, we have had some blinding reviews...but i feel that there has to be total honesty in the work, for me to be passionate enough about it to warrant sitting up until 2 am or later, nightly with promo and all that goes with it and struggling to release and promote work written a couple of years ago, yet alone new songs,
is not my idea of a party ; )

meanwhile, i will continue to write, as i am sure gregg will..and if any new projects or music emerges, or we play for any other bands, i will post the latest here at the ix page.

dreamfield have made many friends and supporters along the way,
and i would like to say a HUGE thank-you for all your support and good vibes and can only apologise for not managing to finish the album that we so wanted to make.
love to all,
poppy xo


January 6, 2004   02:26 PM PST
hey mug ...and john too!

nice to ehar from you both : )

regarding the band, hopefully my 'essay ' of a post above should explain how i feel...

yep, i was pretty pissed off myself,
but...as they say
c'est la vie..

cool to ehar from you both
hope things are going well for your respective bands, & wishing you lots of luck for the coming year.
October 24, 2003   07:59 PM PDT
So what's up with Dreamfield?
I read Greg's mail and I was in shock for a while.
You better think it over coz you were doing something magical.

John @ Misnomer
October 24, 2003   05:33 PM PDT
Sorry to hear about the disbandment of Dreamfield. You guys are certainly one of my favourite independent bands, and will be missed I'm sure.
September 26, 2003   06:16 AM PDT
@ 11:45 pm on September 22, 2003
thanks, loz, addam & marcel
September 26, 2003   06:16 AM PDT
@ 05:38 pm on September 16, 2003
hi poppy,
well, please keep me posted if you start a new project
or release the ep. :)
September 26, 2003   06:15 AM PDT
@ 03:16 am on September 14, 2003
oh poo, Poppy (and all of Dreamfield)... first I've heard about the band dis-banding. so sorry to hear it, though all good things continue in one form or another I believe.

best of luck to all, I hope you all find your creative niches in new ventures and/or together again.


September 26, 2003   06:14 AM PDT
@ 09:57 am on September 09, 2003
I'm sorry to hear about Dreamfield breaking up.
September 26, 2003   06:14 AM PDT
@ 12:01 am on September 07, 2003

y muchas gracias berto Y pedro xx
September 26, 2003   06:13 AM PDT
@ 12:00 am on September 07, 2003
hello simon mr drummer man -
thanks for dropping by,
yes, i think 'on hold' is quite an optimistic way of putting it right now -
nice to hear from you.
Peter DC
September 26, 2003   06:13 AM PDT
@ 11:48 pm on September 02, 2003
I second Bert
September 26, 2003   06:12 AM PDT
@ 11:31 am on August 28, 2003

you can be proud of the work achieved anyway....
Simon Walsh
September 26, 2003   06:11 AM PDT
@ 01:11 pm on August 19, 2003
Sorry to here that the band is effectivley on hold at the moment. Just thought I'd say that the band who invented 'music to dance to sitting down' will be sadly missed.
lots of love.
September 26, 2003   06:11 AM PDT
@ 05:05 pm on August 18, 2003
martin, kind sir..

it was a pleasure to meet such an original & creative personality..
thanking you for the kind coments re dreamfield and i will be in touch later when i have dealt with some of lifes little chores.
Martin Egan Management
September 26, 2003   06:10 AM PDT
@ 04:38 pm on August 18, 2003
I just had a listen to the
Dreamfield stuff and I must say its absolutely

...I think its
absolutely criminal to let something as lush and
fabulous as Dreamfield just go but thats just me. I
look forward to your next incarnation and I'm gonna
buy the current stuff just so I have it...

Thanks for the inspiring times
this w/end. Not many people get me as motivated as I
was this w/end...Back to the grindstone. Regards
Martin A.Egan
September 26, 2003   06:10 AM PDT
@ 04:21 pm on August 18, 2003
ahh - back from dublin city.
hello mikey - as mkf says -

'dreamfield is not gone...it lives on....
nothing ever dies...it just transforms ' ...

and i guess, although there is no live band anymore,
that is the gist of it...

chris - thanks for all your help & support too mate.
Mikey J
September 26, 2003   06:09 AM PDT
@ 02:31 am on August 10, 2003

What's going on?

Why is Dreamfield over?

Awww....this is so sad!

Mikey - Get the Music
September 26, 2003   06:09 AM PDT
@ 09:18 am on August 09, 2003
i think it should be 'truly' pdc
Peter DC
September 26, 2003   06:08 AM PDT
@ 07:37 pm on August 08, 2003
thank you, poppy.

I'd say the same of you but I don't know what "sostenedor" means : )
Chris Lark
September 26, 2003   06:08 AM PDT
@ 10:00 am on August 08, 2003
Unholy cow - I almost couldn't
believe it:(

Do you STILL wanna contribute to the soundtrack?
(would a Dreamfield reunion be too much to ask as well?)

Take care and keep in touch
September 26, 2003   06:07 AM PDT
@ 08:58 am on August 08, 2003
:-) a smile for andrys ..

thanks for dropping by serena...

peter - usted es sinceramente un sostenedor y amigo de inspriational
Peter DC
September 26, 2003   06:07 AM PDT
@ 08:49 am on August 08, 2003
"me say nuffin mate, other than a nod to my dear friend and wonderful musician who is you"
September 26, 2003   06:06 AM PDT
@ 08:48 am on August 08, 2003
it's ok ash, you sweetie :-)
the first cd (take me with you) is very nearly extinct,
but there are still some copies of christopher's dream left...

i was a victim of the dentist this morning too b.t.w.
boo hoo

>>>WEW! Goshgers
ha ha that made me laugh!
Ash Ferry
September 26, 2003   06:06 AM PDT
@ 08:47 am on August 08, 2003
Hiya Amapola,

(nevermind my previous post) I can't delete it now. oops!

Ohhh Amy is returning to USA. Ok she can move into the house, then she and I can beg you daily to move here too. ya!

I'm glad you're still writing. I look forward to hearing your music. Yes an EP sounds like a great idea. Doooo it

I like the way you express how the music of Dreamfield will live on...

But I do hope to get a cd with Christophers Dream on it before they sell out. That is the very first song I've heard of Dreamfield some years back, and to me it will always be my favorite I think.

Great to know your IX page will still be alive.

Ash Ferry
September 26, 2003   06:05 AM PDT
@ 08:46 am on August 08, 2003

Wait! Please save a cd for me to purchase. OMG! I'm in a panick...haha! I read a post briefly as well as your last one and I'm running out the door to go pick up a "Victim of the Dentist" and I'll be back to reply asap. Actually I'll read your posts slowly and I'll probly feel like a knucklehead for freaking on this post. eheheh Heck who cares. I've earned that right as a girl no? hah!

WEW! Goshgers

September 26, 2003   06:05 AM PDT
@ 05:04 pm on August 07, 2003
cool mkf
i am floating in mid - transformation ; )
September 26, 2003   06:04 AM PDT
@ 04:59 pm on August 07, 2003
hi all..

dreamfield is not gone...it lives on....

nothing ever dies...it just transforms ...

p e a c e
September 26, 2003   06:04 AM PDT
@ 06:04 pm on August 06, 2003
hi ash

thanks for the sentiments, actually it is amy that is returning to the u.s.a not me,
i like the idea of being your neighbour in sunny CA though
would be fun...
maybe sometime eh?

i am a great one for catching inspiration nice and fresh,
and we are struggling to release the older material, let alone the new you know?

i am still writing,
we shall see what happens

i'm going to keep the ix page going for the sociability ; )
and maybe gregg and i will manage to release work we have done already in limited edition ep format..it seems a shame to waste it you know?

just because the band don't exist as a band as such, the music still lives eh?
and if any of us get involved with any new proejcts, i'll pop it up there...

how are things with your music?
going better for you than dreamfield i hope!

love to you too

Ash Ferry
September 26, 2003   06:04 AM PDT
@ 05:51 pm on August 06, 2003
Hiya Amapola,

I had no idea, this is very sad to hear. I hope you do continue on with the Dreamfield sound and not feel that the sound is no longer fresh. What part of the USA do you think you might be moving to? Plenty of room in California for you. There's a nice house right down the street from me coming available I'll bring you many cups of Sugar.

September 26, 2003   06:03 AM PDT
@ 08:01 pm on August 05, 2003
hi poppy, that stinks about the breakup my sympathies to amy
September 26, 2003   06:03 AM PDT
@ 05:59 pm on August 05, 2003
thanks, satch, questionnaire, dream sequence, shauna, jeroen & one blue nine...
your comments are truly appreciated...

i am having a break right now
but pop in occasionally, you never know what may be around the corner...
One Blue Nine
September 26, 2003   06:02 AM PDT
@ 05:21 pm on August 05, 2003
poppy & friends Sorry to hear about the band! I hope I can keep track of you guys...
September 26, 2003   06:01 AM PDT
@ 12:04 pm on August 03, 2003
hey poppy... I had just posted the interview we did on my site screamingmp3.net and was told about dreamfield being no more... bummer! I hope you continue with solo music... your talent as a songwriter and your pretty voice should not go to waste.
September 26, 2003   06:01 AM PDT
@ 12:56 pm on August 02, 2003
Sad news.

I wish for you to keep your spirits high!
Dream Sequence
September 26, 2003   06:00 AM PDT
@ 01:11 pm on August 01, 2003
out of the bad comes some good. the good that came from dreamfield was/is friends across the pond and intelligent dark ethereal pop. like all things, dreamfield was a way point along the journey, not an end in itself. i, for one, will stay tuned to see what the the next way point brings....

cheers to you,

dream sequence
September 26, 2003   05:59 AM PDT
@ 12:08 pm on August 01, 2003
Big shame. Another imaginative and talented band ground down by this rotten low-rent media industry. Oh well, we've got Britney Spears playing Daisy in the film version of 'The Dukes Of Hazzard' to look forward to ......
September 26, 2003   05:59 AM PDT
@ 12:08 pm on August 01, 2003
Aw shucks - I never got to work with Dreamfield! But Poppy, maybe you and Gregg might like to do something with me here in the Welsh hills - you have my email address....
September 26, 2003   05:58 AM PDT
@ 08:05 pm on July 31, 2003
poppy- my friend jeza turned me on to your stuff over at besonic.
i just want to let you know how much i enjoyed listening to the christopher's dream tunes.
p e a c e
September 26, 2003   05:58 AM PDT
@ 08:04 pm on July 31, 2003
Was very sorry to read this.

But you are still there, and I hope you mine that rich resource. There are albums to come.

September 26, 2003   05:52 AM PDT
@ 06:37 pm on July 31, 2003
I would like to add my big thanks to all of you who have supported Dreamfield, and mirror Poppy's thoughts on the on-line community, who have helped us with this project, some of which have moved mountains to get stuff done.

Poppy's really summed it all up, so there's not much I can add, except please keep tabs, and let us know what you are all doing...we'll do the same...

It's a sad time, but as Rod says..changes happen, so you never know what's round the corner...

peace to you all
September 26, 2003   05:51 AM PDT
@ 05:53 pm on July 31, 2003
thanks for your kind words you sweeties...
your words are much appreciated.
one thing about the online music community, i have made some friends that have become real world friends too.

rod, - yeah mate, i am with you -
bursts into david bowie's 'changes'
some great piano on that.
September 26, 2003   05:51 AM PDT
@ 05:33 pm on July 31, 2003
I know the feeling, I removed all SilverSide tracks (but one)
from every OMD on the net.
it's a sad feeling, and anyhow it feels good to know that
those who bought our CD's liked our stuff.

Good luck to you all,

and remember that all changes are good,
just because it change something thats needed to be changed.

Paul Sands
September 26, 2003   05:50 AM PDT
@ 12:57 pm on July 31, 2003

that is sad news...I haven't maintained much of a presence of late
but have kept a watching brief
all I can do is wish you all the best on whatever path the future
holds for you all
Steve Iannetti
September 26, 2003   05:48 AM PDT
@ 09:50 am on July 31, 2003
Very Sad. Best of luck to you.

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