the latest from dreamfield, brighton & stuff ... Sunday, November 21, 2004

hello all

just a  to let you know that dreamfield's gregg is playing a benefit gig with his band paradise 9 - saturday dec 11th at the juxta base. it's is in aid of the  wizz-kidz charity   the movement for non mobile children and crisis supporting the homeless.

support comes from the talented ( & onetime dreamfield drummer) simon walsh' band 'men are dead' and cool singer-songwriter jeanette murphy ... and promises to be a night of good music...so if you want to do your charitable bit for christmas while at the same time catching some good songs & sipping a beer, get yourselves down there!

while i'm here, just thought i'd mention another new band i  tinkled the ivories for for one of their songs some time back, who have just released their debut ep 'suck it up buttercup' - loose salute. founded by my old mojave bandmate, the multi talented, big bearded mojave 3 drummer ian 'mad' mccutcheon and husky voiced singer lisa bilson - promise 'songs that are here to warm your heart' - and they don't dissappoint - you can visit their website to stream their new video for the breezy 'turn the radio up' -  Fab!

...and for something completely different, last thursday saw me jigging about to  those sexy rock and roll rascals  fuji heavy at their recent brighton gig -  what fun! i can highly recommend them for one of those nights where you want a bit of a rock & roll fix after a strenuous day,
but with quality upbeat songwriting

meanwhile - i have been writing & recording some songs in church road studio with some new and very talented musicians local to brighton and hove...things are coming along very nicely indeed -
stay posted for updates, there is a brand new e.p. and website in the making.

as always, i hope this message finds you all happy & well fed - have a great christmas & new year,  if i haven't spoken to you for a while, my apologies, i've been madly busy, but would love to hear from you if you fancy dropping by to the dreamfield blog to say hello.

love & hugs poppy xo


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December 13, 2004   09:39 PM PST
glad you had a successful night -
wish i could have been there mate,
well, never mind...next time eh?

December 13, 2004   09:29 PM PST
hello all and a big thanks to everyone coming down to the gig on saturday. We made over 200 quid for "Whizz~Kidz" and "Crisis".
And yep..still hung over! Gonna take a week to get over this one!
Once again..thanks!
December 9, 2004   09:33 PM PST
hey greggo :-)
December 9, 2004   06:57 PM PST
hi all,
well finally got my internet back after what feels like a lifetime!
Anyone fancying coming down to the Charity gig this saturday (11th) you can find the venue "Juxta Base" (but actually says "the John Bull" on door!) at the Gunnesbury stop on the district line (towards Richmond). Turn left at top of stairs and walk out of station where you can see the venue other side of road. Cd's will be available at the gig, with a raffle to raise money, sporting erm, well mainly booze as prizes. Anyhows, if you fancy coming down it would be great to see yers....
December 6, 2004   12:11 AM PST
hello, got the news :-)
December 1, 2004   10:01 AM PST
Keep me updated on the music!

November 26, 2004   11:49 AM PST
Hey Poppy & All

God to know your still making music, When can I hear the news stuff?

November 22, 2004   01:19 PM PST
cool to catch u online I recieved your blogdrive mail about the kids charity and tought I say hello
November 21, 2004   03:39 PM PST
sorry if the pics on this site seem to appear & then dissappear (?!)- i will try to find a better home for them.

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