dreamfield song nominated for award Sunday, July 25, 2004

dear all...just had a nice bit of news in via my inbox, dreamfield song - christopher's dream has been nominated for the 'just plain folks' 2004 music awards in the songs category.

not much one for awards etc, but can't help feeling somewhat chuffed as these awards claim to be the biggest receiving 140,000 entries - and over 10,000 albums in 58 genres from 85 Countries - the results of which will be announced Dec in a big 'do' at the galaxy theatre , nov 2004.
'christopher's dream'  is to be one of songs nominated in the 'modern rock song' . explained thus :

"This is the most misunderstood genre because it changes every year. This year, this genre includes Ethereal/Moody Rock songs as well as Quirky/Unusual Rock songs. Most of the tracks here are commercial radio friendly, but have a mysterious and dark edge around them without much aggression musically".

sounds about right for that one!
meanwhile, 'take me with you' is sold out bar ONE remaining copy and christopher's dream is down to 36 copies left in stock. both dreamfield cds are now available for digital download at the following websites :
buy music.com
net music
napster (windows -yes it's now legal) - and
i tunes

thanx to those who have been buying the cds, we're still intending to bring out an ep of previously unreleased tracks at some point - we will post here when we get that together ; )
meanwhile, we have popped 'marianne' up for streaming here .

and for something completely different, if you are in the brighton uk area tomorrow night (monday 26th july), i will be guesting on keys for brand new brighton rock band fuji heavy - at the
pressure point club on stage, 9pm(ish) -

hope this mail-out finds you all well & enjoying life...
bye for now - poppy xo

photo by jeza

ps - latest info in case you are in the vicinity :
2004 Just Plain Folks Music Awards Venue -
November 7, 2004 4PM-12:30AM
The Galaxy Theatre - 3503 S. Harbor Blvd. Santa Ana, CA 92795 (714)957-0600
Website: www.galaxytheatre.com


October 21, 2004   12:13 AM PDT
thanks to my lovely friends for your comments, quite what this actually meands (the award thing) - i'm not sure!

but still, nicer news than a red letter of a morning, eh?

September 13, 2004   09:14 AM PDT
Hiya Amapola! Great news. Congratulations! Love and Miss you, Ash
August 18, 2004   08:43 PM PDT
that's really awesome poppy! wow
August 2, 2004   04:44 PM PDT
that's so cool about Christopher's Dream! - congrats :). it really does deserve the recognition!
July 28, 2004   11:27 AM PDT
felicitations dreamfield gently patting your shoulder
Steve Iannetti
July 25, 2004   09:36 PM PDT
Congratulations and well done.

martin egan
July 25, 2004   09:26 PM PDT
Well, Congratulations of a deeply felt nature are in
order. I did try to tell you the stuff was f***ing
amazing. Maybe you'll start believing that about where
the acu needles went i.e. at gut level. God don't make
no mistakes.
July 25, 2004   08:44 PM PDT

just as i make a post, links to soundclick are not working as the page is down for something or other -

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