Entry: happy new year from dreamfield (& news) Tuesday, January 06, 2004

wishing all friends & visitors to the dreamfield newspage a very happy new year - and we hope the coming year brings you lots of happiness fun & laughter ; )
there is not much to report at the mo from dream quarters, but just to let you know, that thanks to your emails asking us where you can buy songs like 'marianne' & 'easy'on cd, we still intend to do a 'swansong' ep of previously unreleased dreamfield tracks this year
and are working on that at the mo ...

thanks to all those cool people who bought the single, we are collecting pennies from various sources and will put them all in a pot towards the cost of the release - and as we are now without label backing, it is thanks to you, in buying our cds, that we are able to do this,
and for us, it makes it all worthwhile : )
also, for your info, we are also featured on a comp cd released this month by WSVN radio, details of which can be found just here

meanwhile, news of any new projects or interesting happenings will appear here on this page, so keep dropping by, we love to stay in touch with everyone we met along the dreamfield way ...

that's all for now
have a great year
poppy & gregg

ps shhh mustn't forget - don't mention  this (ho ho ho)


July 13, 2004   10:40 AM PDT
I'm a dreamer.........
Todd West
June 28, 2004   06:47 PM PDT
Yo Dreamfield...love the site man....stay cool and keep it LOUD!! The Underground salutes you.....
April 14, 2004   01:10 AM PDT
Hi, My name is DICARLO. I'm new at Be Sonic and just checked out your songs. Very nice.
Nice website to.
Happy Easter.

February 23, 2004   09:41 AM PST
he he illusio - i was teasing greggo who was thinking of buyig one he saw in a 2nd hand shop...luckily for him, it had gone when he went to check it out a second time !
February 20, 2004   06:12 PM PST
What is the significance of the bike??
What am I missing?
February 6, 2004   09:02 AM PST
hello sylvie yep - i did live in aylesbury for a while. where did we meet? i was obviously 'so much fun' that i can't remember :-)
February 6, 2004   09:01 AM PST
hee hee... Aylesbury. I know the answer but I'll let Poppy tell you :)
February 6, 2004   09:00 AM PST
I met Poppy Gonzales years ago in Aylesbury..I'm sure I did... Did she have any connections to Aylesbury? I remember her as a really fun person...
January 6, 2004   06:50 PM PST
hey steve
long time, no hear!
hope it's a good one for you :-)
Steve Iannetti
January 6, 2004   04:49 PM PST
Happy New year !!

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