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after two independently released, critically acclaimed cd single/eps, some cool gigs & some further much appreciated (& as yet unreleased) recordings - dreamfield have decided not to continue as a band any more - due to a combination of 'a bucketful of the usual music industry stuff' (polite wording), the unexpected wanderlust of some band members, and a general frustration that the music was not getting released quickly enough

there may be a 'swan song' ep of previously unreleased songs (including the much loved marianne & easy) at some point later this year.

past releases, info and general news re dreamfield members can be found on these pages. Your comments are welcome.

"English band Dreamfield offers a hazy, trip-hop with female vocals and a lazy, after-hours jazz feel"...

"Dreamfield have an unerring knack for plying dub -by grooves with the sweetest of vocal nectar"(Fac 193)

" Dreamfield have the kind of creative, independent attitude
of which we will always heartily approve".
(Whisperin'& Hollerin')

you can download dreamfield songs here :
Christopher's Dream
and listen to excerpts here

para un desciption de la música en español por favor clic aquí o se puede visita una pagina de dreamfield en espanol indyrock o nueva pagina trip-hop cr - gracias para tu visita.

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Christopher's Dream

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Tuesday, March 25, 2003
dreamfield - cd release

'christopher's dream' has been released on veiko herne's independent label dream records.
the cd features 4 tracks :
christopher's dream
christopher's dream dark mix
christopher's dream anime mix
with remixes of the title track by ex glr/dodgy dj 'h' & ink1 & cover/label art by design resurrection, new track 'alive' (produced by ink1). the title track was arranged by poppy g & produced & mixed by micky howard (also on bass) - diego on drums, and djh on decks, at otr studios, hackney, london - (cd outlets listed below).
love to everyone who has supported us so far, sorry it took so long,
but we are now back on track with all things dreamfield.

stay cool
poppy gregg amy - xox

available online :
uk -  
burbs & penny black music (the latter are refusing to answer emails re cds sold - so!)
france -
atanata records
estonia - laseringhelitroop
usa - 
tower records &  cd baby
to buy this cd from cd baby by credit or debit card by phone from anywhere in the world,
call 1-800-BUY-MY-CD (free call in usa/canada)

some uk store outlets :
rough trade shop, london w11
selectadisc, london w1
action records, preston
rounder records, brighton.
virgin megastore - brighton.

(oct 03) the cd is now available in ireland from:
Smile Records South Great Georges Street & Record Collector Wicklow Street Dublin

this cd is now also available at iTunes for digital download : Christopher's Dream

Posted at Tuesday, March 25, 2003 by dreamfield
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Sunday, January 12, 2003
dreamfield - christopher's dream/alive lyrics

christopher's dream

the perfect scene.....created
a rhapsody.....untainted

and as i sit here by myself, all lost and lonely,
i can think of nothing else, if only
and when i look into his heart, he shows me
the stills of might have been. 
christophers dream.

no tangled paths.....and painless
no tainted hearts.....and blameless

and as I sit here by myself, all lost and lonely,
i can think of nothing else, if only,
and wheni look into his heart, he shows me
the stills of might have beens, if onlys
and when i sit here by myself, all lost and lonely,
i can think of nothing but, if only
and when i look into his heart, he shows me,
the stills of might have been...
in christophers dream
christophers scene
christophers.... dream.
ba ba da da ba da la la

(words & music p.gonzalez)


i .....am very much alive
but i am still dreaming you realise
ooh wrap me to it, your being
and i'll still smile
i once was as you are now
somehow - a child inside.

bella bella, don't be scared
fix your eyes upon the stars

move ..... into my lullaby
like seven seas colliding into the night
ooh tell me all your secrets
i can, still, cry
i once was as you are now

bella bella don't be scared
fix your eyes upon the stars....

(words & music by p.gonzalez/p.dahl-collins/g.mckella/a.tucker)

stream excerpts from these songs and more here

Posted at Sunday, January 12, 2003 by dreamfield
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Thursday, December 12, 2002
dreamfield - unreleased tracks - 'sometime'

dreamfield song 'sometime' recorded some time back with the lovely brian o shaughnessy at bark studios and is available for  listening in its entirety here for a short period of time.

roughly speaking, it's about following a path in life, that you may have been born into or is chosen for you - without question -  or the 'nanny state'.
it is our belief that we should be 'always asking questions' ...
we'll leave it at that for now


sitting in my father's chair,
i settle down
safe and sound.
there's no need to question why...
it hurts

susie, the door is open
but I stay inside
i'm gonna live here for a while...

living out the perfect plan,
they're selling dreams
of things unseen.
there's no need to question why...
they lie

susie, the door is open
but i stay inside
i'm gonna live here for a while...
susie the truth is calling
but i'd rather hide
i'm gonna come out from the dark...
maybe sometime...

living out the perfect plan...
it hurts...

susie, the door is open
but i stay inside
i'm gonna live here for a while...
susie the truth is calling
but I'd rather hide
i'm gonna come out from the dark...
baby sometime...
maybe Sometime.
"i am not frightened of living...
any time will do..."

( p.gonzalez/g.mckella 1999)
poppy - vocals/accoustic guitar/piano/percussion/organ/programming
gregg - space guitar & wooshes
linda  - bass guitar/high backing vocals
brian  - phsychedelic meanderings/programming

engineered by brian.o shaughnessy
produced & mixed by poppy  & brian at bark studio, walthamstow, london e17

Posted at Thursday, December 12, 2002 by dreamfield
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Monday, November 25, 2002
ink1 & big black dogs

 just to let you know that our good friend and creative collaborator, peter dc - he who designed the fabioso dreamfield official website ..has a new  website for his project  'ink1'.
ink1 music, described as - 'filmic, ad-ic, tv-ic, chill out or rage with spoken vocs. sit down and listen-that sort of thing' - also features poppy g's spoken word on 'big black dog'...
soon to be licenced by amadeus, the cinematic ink1 music is definitely worth tuning in to...
and you can do so by clicking the' ink1' banner below. (we recommend listening on headphones).
love & stuff

Posted at Monday, November 25, 2002 by dreamfield
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Wednesday, October 16, 2002
dreamfield en espanol

hola amigos y amigas !

dreamfield combina intrépidamente el escalofriante ritmo del trip-hop, con la musicalidad frágil y de ensueño de bandas de 4ad como cocteau twins y this mortal coil.
bellas y penetrantes, las voces de las dos cantantes femeninas complementan bien con las pesadas texturas sónicas que susurran bajo ellas.

formación : 
poppy gonzalez (ex mojave 3/sing-sing) - voces, guitarra ritmica, piano. 
gregg mckella  (ex paradise 9, jeanette murphy)- guitarra eléctrica, clarinete, los efectos del espacio. 
amy tucker (ex the whims)  - voces,  teclados

para escuchar la música de dreamfield, por favor visita escucha la musica !todos los comentarios en nuestro  libro de visitas o aqui (abajo en commets) son bienvenidos siempre.

discografía :
'take me with you'(M4001CD) - puedes oir y comprar el single a  cd baby (usa) o tower records
'christopher's dream' (DR002CD)- puedes  comprar el single a  penny black music  (uk) o   cd baby (usa)  

tambien - usted puede descargar las canciones digitalmente a itunes

una vida de amor !
poppy, gregg & amy

por mas informacion de dreamfield en espanol por favor visita dreamfield indyrock espana


Posted at Wednesday, October 16, 2002 by dreamfield
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Tuesday, October 15, 2002
merci pour l'art

merci pour l'art 

sinse starting this dreamfield news  page, we have had the pleasure of making some rather talented new friends. 
some of the pics on this page have been  manipulated by one such person a monsieur bertran   so what art - paris, (original photo by barbara watkinson, thanks barbara)... we like it very much. bert is a wonderful artist, and has an abundance of quality paintings, photos, designs and sand art, many of which are linked to his blog : his blog is definitely worth a visit!

another talented new internet buddy we have made who designed some banners for dreamfield is greg' (d.s. for short) - who as well as being a talented designer, also makes some wonderful dreamy music under the name of dream sequence - so to our new found friends, from dreamfield...'merci pour l'art' ! xox


Posted at Tuesday, October 15, 2002 by dreamfield
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