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after two independently released, critically acclaimed cd single/eps, some cool gigs & some further much appreciated (& as yet unreleased) recordings - dreamfield have decided not to continue as a band any more - due to a combination of 'a bucketful of the usual music industry stuff' (polite wording), the unexpected wanderlust of some band members, and a general frustration that the music was not getting released quickly enough

there may be a 'swan song' ep of previously unreleased songs (including the much loved marianne & easy) at some point later this year.

past releases, info and general news re dreamfield members can be found on these pages. Your comments are welcome.

"English band Dreamfield offers a hazy, trip-hop with female vocals and a lazy, after-hours jazz feel"...

"Dreamfield have an unerring knack for plying dub -by grooves with the sweetest of vocal nectar"(Fac 193)

" Dreamfield have the kind of creative, independent attitude
of which we will always heartily approve".
(Whisperin'& Hollerin')

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007
Hush Collector - Mountain Song Remixes - Out this week

Hush Collector - 'Mountain Song' Dave Dark & the Sharks Remixes

"This is a beautiful remix, it's a sunrise anthem"
(Brighton's dj Cheets)


* Listen *

and available on :

Hush Collector & Dave Dark & the Sharks send BIG LOVE.

www.candyconemusic.com www.hushcollector.co.uk www.myspace.com/hushcollector

Posted at Tuesday, March 20, 2007 by dreamfield
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Tuesday, August 02, 2005
Poppy Gonzalez - New band - Debut release

hello to all

just to let you know, the debut release from my new band Hush Collector is now out in the usa/uk and some very kind  reviews are trickling in...

you can find all the latest details at the Hush Collector Site , where you can now also stream excerpts from the songs, grab some pretty yummy wallpapers and download a Hush Collector poster for free  if you feel so inclined.

we have also been receiving some pretty cool gig offers, so if you want to receive the latest updates (and in the future some free tickets & downloads), get yourselves on the 
Members Mailing List and all will be revealed.

and just to say, as this is all totally new, your feedback and comments re the music and the site would be  most welcome.

cheers - poppy x

Posted at Tuesday, August 02, 2005 by dreamfield
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Friday, July 01, 2005
poppy's got a brand new band.

hello all

just to let you know, i have been  busy with new musical creations.
i've been working with the massively talented, brighton based, katie mummery 
and we now have something to show for our efforts
with our new band hush collector .

first off is our lovely new website; another fab design by
that quirky genius of marleybone,  mr peterdc;
where you can find out what we've been up to in sunny (well, ok not today) brighton.
there will be ongoing updates,
we hope you like it.

our first ep 'flowby' is finished and just about ready to go and we're looking to play some live dates later this summer to coincide. you can  get info and stream audio  from the 'music' section site.

if you would like to be kept in touch with release dates, gigs etc,
please click ~ here ~and answer a couple of easy peasy questions.
(there will be some free goodies for the first 100 people register).
& for security, you will need to click a link to join).
katie has also started a hush collector band journal to keep you updated
with how many cups of tea we have drunk today ;  )

well , that's about it.
i really look forward to seeing you there, it's been a while.
poppy xo

Posted at Friday, July 01, 2005 by dreamfield
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Sunday, November 21, 2004
the latest from dreamfield, brighton & stuff ...

hello all

just a  to let you know that dreamfield's gregg is playing a benefit gig with his band paradise 9 - saturday dec 11th at the juxta base. it's is in aid of the  wizz-kidz charity   the movement for non mobile children and crisis supporting the homeless.

support comes from the talented ( & onetime dreamfield drummer) simon walsh' band 'men are dead' and cool singer-songwriter jeanette murphy ... and promises to be a night of good music...so if you want to do your charitable bit for christmas while at the same time catching some good songs & sipping a beer, get yourselves down there!

while i'm here, just thought i'd mention another new band i  tinkled the ivories for for one of their songs some time back, who have just released their debut ep 'suck it up buttercup' - loose salute. founded by my old mojave bandmate, the multi talented, big bearded mojave 3 drummer ian 'mad' mccutcheon and husky voiced singer lisa bilson - promise 'songs that are here to warm your heart' - and they don't dissappoint - you can visit their website to stream their new video for the breezy 'turn the radio up' -  Fab!

...and for something completely different, last thursday saw me jigging about to  those sexy rock and roll rascals  fuji heavy at their recent brighton gig -  what fun! i can highly recommend them for one of those nights where you want a bit of a rock & roll fix after a strenuous day,
but with quality upbeat songwriting

meanwhile - i have been writing & recording some songs in church road studio with some new and very talented musicians local to brighton and hove...things are coming along very nicely indeed -
stay posted for updates, there is a brand new e.p. and website in the making.

as always, i hope this message finds you all happy & well fed - have a great christmas & new year,  if i haven't spoken to you for a while, my apologies, i've been madly busy, but would love to hear from you if you fancy dropping by to the dreamfield blog to say hello.

love & hugs poppy xo

Posted at Sunday, November 21, 2004 by dreamfield
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Sunday, July 25, 2004
dreamfield song nominated for award

dear all...just had a nice bit of news in via my inbox, dreamfield song - christopher's dream has been nominated for the 'just plain folks' 2004 music awards in the songs category.

not much one for awards etc, but can't help feeling somewhat chuffed as these awards claim to be the biggest receiving 140,000 entries - and over 10,000 albums in 58 genres from 85 Countries - the results of which will be announced Dec in a big 'do' at the galaxy theatre , nov 2004.
'christopher's dream'  is to be one of songs nominated in the 'modern rock song' . explained thus :

"This is the most misunderstood genre because it changes every year. This year, this genre includes Ethereal/Moody Rock songs as well as Quirky/Unusual Rock songs. Most of the tracks here are commercial radio friendly, but have a mysterious and dark edge around them without much aggression musically".

sounds about right for that one!
meanwhile, 'take me with you' is sold out bar ONE remaining copy and christopher's dream is down to 36 copies left in stock. both dreamfield cds are now available for digital download at the following websites :
buy music.com
net music
napster (windows -yes it's now legal) - and
i tunes

thanx to those who have been buying the cds, we're still intending to bring out an ep of previously unreleased tracks at some point - we will post here when we get that together ; )
meanwhile, we have popped 'marianne' up for streaming here .

and for something completely different, if you are in the brighton uk area tomorrow night (monday 26th july), i will be guesting on keys for brand new brighton rock band fuji heavy - at the
pressure point club on stage, 9pm(ish) -

hope this mail-out finds you all well & enjoying life...
bye for now - poppy xo

photo by jeza

ps - latest info in case you are in the vicinity :
2004 Just Plain Folks Music Awards Venue -
November 7, 2004 4PM-12:30AM
The Galaxy Theatre - 3503 S. Harbor Blvd. Santa Ana, CA 92795 (714)957-0600
Website: www.galaxytheatre.com

Posted at Sunday, July 25, 2004 by dreamfield
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Tuesday, January 06, 2004
happy new year from dreamfield (& news)

wishing all friends & visitors to the dreamfield newspage a very happy new year - and we hope the coming year brings you lots of happiness fun & laughter ; )
there is not much to report at the mo from dream quarters, but just to let you know, that thanks to your emails asking us where you can buy songs like 'marianne' & 'easy'on cd, we still intend to do a 'swansong' ep of previously unreleased dreamfield tracks this year
and are working on that at the mo ...

thanks to all those cool people who bought the single, we are collecting pennies from various sources and will put them all in a pot towards the cost of the release - and as we are now without label backing, it is thanks to you, in buying our cds, that we are able to do this,
and for us, it makes it all worthwhile : )
also, for your info, we are also featured on a comp cd released this month by WSVN radio, details of which can be found just here

meanwhile, news of any new projects or interesting happenings will appear here on this page, so keep dropping by, we love to stay in touch with everyone we met along the dreamfield way ...

that's all for now
have a great year
poppy & gregg

ps shhh mustn't forget - don't mention  this (ho ho ho)

Posted at Tuesday, January 06, 2004 by dreamfield
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Friday, September 26, 2003
poppy vox on new ink1 track - 'insider'

hello people...

i was recently invited to contribute another vocal to ink1, the brainstorm of one mr peter dc
(who designed the  dreamfield official website ,  produced alive & designed the
artwork, for the last dreamfield cd release).

featuring different personalities from around the globe,
ink1 have been described as 'chill out or rage, with spoken vocs, that sort of thing' -
and i thought you may like to check out something a little different.

the vocal i came up with (off the top of my head, in the dark, with a large cigarette in hand)
has been featured on  'insider' - which is now available for listening to at :  ic-musicmedia ...

hope this message finds you all well & happy,
will keep you posted on any other related news.

love poppy xo

Posted at Friday, September 26, 2003 by dreamfield
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Monday, September 08, 2003
dreamfield - unreleased tracks - 'easy'

this is one of my favourite dreamfield songs, as yet unreleased - 
listen to  this song  by clicking  here
hopefully, there may yet be an ep of previously unreleased dreamfield tracks,
as we have received some lovely emails asking where people can get the songs,
(especially this one & marianne) - we'll let you know here, if anything occours ; )
love poppy xo


you say it's easy to care
but it's much harder to be there.
and just as I think we understand,
you push it aside,
with a wave of your hand.

you say I'm easy,
lying awake whispered faintly
you say I'm easy to see...

sometimes it's easy to cry
but it's much harder to fight for.
and just when I start to feel alive,
the emptiness calls,
with a comforting sigh...

you say i'm easy
lying awake, whispered faintly
you say I'm easy to see...
and in that moment,
lying still hold it closely
'cause I know it's harder to be...
just you and me.

words are spoken
lost in space
i can't feel you in my place...

you say it's easy to care,
but it's much harder to be there...

(p.gonzalez/k.brown 2001)

poppy - vocals, piano, keyboards & programming,
greggo - space guitar,

willet, skinny, richard & keith - drums, bass, ebo & accoustic guit -
engineered by richard marr at galaxy park studios, allston, brighton, ma.
produced by poppy, mixed by poppy & richard .

Posted at Monday, September 08, 2003 by dreamfield
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Thursday, July 31, 2003
farewell dreamfield?

hi everyone

it is with huge regret that i have to tell you dreamfield will no longer be functioning as a 'band'.
over the past year or so, we have not produced enough work to keep the momentum going... for myself, and for the people that have supported us all along...
this is largely due to the fact that amy has been unavailable for band work creatively or promotionally due to various personal situations regarding family and very sadly the loss a close family member, and will now be returning to the u.s.a. (and there's no way the band can afford another transatlantic period)

also, the funding for finishing the album, has not materialised, and gregg and i feel that we cannot afford to record and organise the band to the standard we would like - (in fact, we are still paying off some debts still owed)...
that is to say, we wanted to record an accoustic instrument/drums & electronic mix, the nature of dreamfield music, requiring a decent mixing desk, often live drums in a decent studio, ...rather than just whip up a few programmed loops on the home pc...and the price of space and studio time for live rehearsal & recording here in the uk, is pretty steep, along with the cost of living!

gregg & i have been talking about the possibility that we may bring out a limited edition ep of the work we have already done, as we have received so many emails asking where people can buy certain songs, especially 'marianne' - it would seem such a waste of good work, if we didn't... so we will keep this page alive and keep you posted should we manage to get this together.

when we started this project, we had an original sound, which we worked hard for, i still feel that we do have our own sound, but there are alot of bands making music of a similar nature now... and i personally feel it is not as fresh sounding as it should be...that is to say, had we developed with label or financial backing, in time, i am sure we would we making some new and interesting music, but we are struggling to release tracks, which i still feel are good songs, but were written and recorded some time ago...creatively, this is more than frustrating!
the fact is, we should be on our 2nd album, not struggling to record the first!
- i am sure i speak for gregg here too -

also when we first started this band, we made a pledge that if it became too stressful, we would 'knock it on the head' - not being interested in 'pop stardom or world domination' ; ) - the original ambition was to make 'an album of quality, which we would be proud to put in the cd player' ... and as that does not seem to be happenning, and combined with the current trends in the public for free music, i don't really see the point in continuing- (edit - and yet that same public complains about the 'manufactured pop' that is thrown at them - while downloading the songs they like free from certain websites).

more frustratingly, we are still receiving kind and warm emails, offering us gigs etc and asking when the album is due out..and as you know, we have had some blinding reviews...but i feel that there has to be total honesty in the work, for me to be passionate enough about it to warrant sitting up until 2 am or later, nightly with promo and all that goes with it and struggling to release and promote work written a couple of years ago, yet alone new songs,
is not my idea of a party ; )

meanwhile, i will continue to write, as i am sure gregg will..and if any new projects or music emerges, or we play for any other bands, i will post the latest here at the ix page.

dreamfield have made many friends and supporters along the way,
and i would like to say a HUGE thank-you for all your support and good vibes and can only apologise for not managing to finish the album that we so wanted to make.
love to all,
poppy xo

Posted at Thursday, July 31, 2003 by dreamfield
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Saturday, May 10, 2003
dreamfield - guests of tube radio

hello dearies ; ) just a quickie to say that dreamfield will be the guests of
simon eliot at  tube radio 
on his 'neon music show' this sunday - 11th may (manana!).
the show will be broadcast at 9pm uk time, (afternoon usa) on 87.9 FM - london.

tube radio have a supercool playlist which incoporates songs of an eclectic,
experimental and non-mainstream vibe. (yeah!)
we will be choosing some songs to play and partaking in some general chit-chat.
so if you're bored on a sunday evening, why not tune in.

ciao 4 now love poppy gregg & amy xox

Posted at Saturday, May 10, 2003 by dreamfield
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